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Heart and Vascular Institute
Head and Neck Institute
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Multidisciplinary Simulation Center; HSb MSC
In-situ Main Campus IMC
In-situ Regional IR
Task Training Lab E3-54
Anatomy Lab L1-300
Difficult Airway Lab E3-226b
CPR / Nursing Ed Rooms CPR/N

This is a current list of simulation courses developed and implemented in collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Center. If you are interested in a developing a new course, or if you would like to facilitate a course in a particular area listed below, please fill out a simulation request form found on our website and we can help you explore opportunities. The courses that are listed in blue are courses that are open to CCF employees to sign up if certain criteria are met.


Cardiothoracic Anesthesia:

DLT Placement TOW cart Training; Sandra Podolan; MSC
Lung Isolation Event; Dr. Bustamante; MSC
Lung Isolation TOW Cart Training; Dr. Bustamante; MSC

General Anesthesia:

Advanced Airway Workshop; Kathleen Massoli; MSC
A-Line Insertion; Dr. Soliman; IMC
Anaphylaxis Upon Induction Scenario; Dr. Maurtua; E3-226b
CRNA Summit; Juan DelValle; MSC
C-Spine Injury Scenario; Dr. Zura, Dr. Kimatian; MSC
DLT and One Lung Ventilation Workshop; Kathleen Massoli; MSC
Increased Intracranial Pressure Scenario; Dr. Maurtua; E3-226b
Respiratory Failure Scenario for Medical Students; Dr. Ramirez; MSC
Septic Shock Scenario for Medical Students; Dr. Ramirez; MSC
Ultra-Sound Guided Blocks; Dr. Wael Ali Sakr
USG-CVA SRNA Training; Heather Hawkins; MSC

Pediatric Anesthesia:

Pediatric Airway Course for SRNA's; Melissa Seman/ Dr. Kimatian; MSC


General Surgery:

Advanced Trauma Life Support Scenarios; Dr. Moorman; MSC
Airway Management Skills Practice; Dr. Moorman; MSC
GI Bronch Mentor Training; Dr. Zuccaro; E3-54
GS FLS Training (Proctored Testing); Brandy Wozniak/ Dr. Kelly; E3-54
Laparoscopy Skills Sessions; E3-54
Ruptured AAA/ Hemorrhagic Shock Scenario; Dr. Moorman; MSC
Perforated Duodenal Ulcer/ Intra-Abdominal Sepsis; Dr. Moorman; MSC

Center for Human Nutrition:

Dietician OSCE's Assessment of Malnutrition; Robert Dechicco; MSC



Basic Airway Course; Dr. Tony Capizzani; MSC
Capstone MiniCourse Event; Dr. Alan Hull; MSC
OSCE's Years 1 & 2; Dr. Appachi; MSC
Capstone PALS & ACLS Training; Gabrielle Keyser; CPR/N/MSC
Capstone Airway Management Mini Course; Gabrielle Keyser; MSC
Critical Care Skills Course Elective; Kia Afshar; MSC
Medical Student Suturing Labs; Dr. Drake; E3-54


EMS Academy:

Critical Care Paramedics Course; Andrew Burke; MSC

Emergency Medicine:

Pediatric Acute Care Team Educational Initiative; Dr. Roth/ Deanna Grenig; MSC

Hillcrest Emergency Department:

Pediatric Emergency Department Trauma Medical Simulation; Maria Roznik; MSC



URO Mentor Training; Dr. Manoj Monga; E3-54


Head and Neck:

Difficult Airway Management ENT Course; Dr. Malhotra; MSC



Stress Lab Test Scenario; Theresa Guy/ Vanessa Heinly; MSC

Cardiovascular Medicine:

Cardiac Tamponade Electrophysiology Lab; Dr. Oberti/ Dr. Tanaka; MSC


Vascular & Interventional Radiology:

USG-VCA (Ultrasound Guided Central Vein Access) ; Dr. Gill; MSC



Adult Multidisciplinary Codes; Gabrielle Keyser; MSC
Airway Management Procedural Sedation; Gabrielle Keyser; MSC
Pediatric Airway Management Course; Gabrielle Keyser/ Dr. Appachi; MSC
NRP ; Gabrielle Keyser; MSC

Nursing Education:

Acute Ischemic Stroke Scenario; Leslie Simko; N
Airway Obstruction Scenario; Leslie Simko N
ATV Trauma Scenario; Leslie Simko N/IR
Competency Day; Joan Mitchel; CPR/N
Critical Care Class; Leslie Simko; N
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Scenario; Leslie Simko N/IR
Failure to Rescue; Leslie Simko; N/IR
ICU Immersion: Critical Thinking; Leslie Simko; MSC
Massive Transfusion Scenario; Leslie Simko N/IR
Specialized Orientation for Critical Care; Leslie Simko; N
Immersion Low Fidelity: Problem Identification; Leslie Simko; N
Critical Care Transport: CVA; Leslie Simko; N/IMC
Critical Care Transport: STEMI; Leslie Simko; N/IMC
Critical Care Transport: Aortic Syndrome; Leslie Simko; N/IMC
CVICU Scenarios: Admission, hypovolemia, Cardiac Tamponade; Leslie Simko; N
Emergency Room Scenarios: STEMI, Stroke, Defib; Leslie Simko; N/IMC
First Responder Scenario; Leslie Simko; N/IR/IMC
Neuro Crani w/ Seizures Scenario; Leslie Simko; N
PCNA/ CT skills; Leslie Simko; N
Penetrating Trauma Scenario; Leslie Simko; N/INR
Pneumo Chest tube scenario; Leslie Simko; N
Pulmonary Embolism to PEA Scenario; Leslie Simko; N
Septic Shock Scenario; Leslie Simko; N
Pulmonary Education Day; Respiratory Failure; Anita White; MSC
VARN; Nichole Kelsey; N/IR

ICU Mobile Simulation:

Code Blue; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IR
Cirrhotic Liver; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IMC
GI Bleed; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IMC
Hepatic Encephalopathy; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IR
Hypovolemia; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IMC/IR
Loss of Airway Scenario; Dr. Appachi/ MIST Team; IMC
Mock Code; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IMC/IR
Sepsis; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IR
Simulation Day; Dr. Appachi/MIST; IR


Mock Code-Colorectal; Bridget Kerr; MSC
Mock Code-General Surgery; Bridget Kerr; MSC
Mock Code-OR/PICU; Bridget Kerr; MSC
Mock Code-OR Staff; Bridget Kerr; MSC
Mock Code-Neurology; Bridget Kerr; MSC
Mock Code-Pediatric; Bridget Kerr; MSC
Mock Code-Vascular; Bridget Kerr; MSC



GYN Resident Training Course; Dr. Kalan/ Dr.Orady; MSC
OBGYN Intern Surgical Skills Boot Camp; Dr. Jelovsek; E3-54
Post-Partum Hemorrhage; Dr. Kalan; MSC /IMC/IR
Post-Partum Hemorrhage Train the Trainer; Dr. Kalan; MSC/IR
Robotic Surgery; Dr. Orady; E3-54
VIMEDIX Simulator Resident Orientation; Dr. Kalan; E3-54


Hospital Pediatrics:

Asystole (Adolescent, Apnea); Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Anaphylactic Shock (1 y/o, Radiology); Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Altered Mental Status; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
ARDS VSD; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Bradycardia; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Bronchiolitis; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Cocaine OD; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Hypovolemic Shock; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Infant Pneumonia; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Opioid OD; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Peds Basic Class; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Pulseless VT-Myocarditis; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Respiratory Distress Pneumonia; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Seizure Hypoglycemia-Junior; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Septic Shock; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Severe Asthma (W/Out and With RSI);Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Status Asthmaticus-Adolescent; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Status Epilepticus (14 y/o, Hypoglycemic/Hyponatremia); Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Status Epilepticus (Infant Brain Tumor);Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT); Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC
VSD Pulmonary Edema; Dr. Van Ittersum; MSC



Anaphylaxis and Difficult Airway; Dr. Kapoor; MSC
C-Spine Scenario; Dr. Kapoor; MSC
PEA Arrest; Dr. Kapoor; MSC
Vascular Access Training; Dr. Kapoor; MSC