Can I get CME credit for any of your courses?

Can I participate in an Advanced Skills Training program if I am still in training at a different institute?

Does Cleveland Clinic provide support for travel and lodging?

If I don’t see a program that interests me, may I request a tailored program?

Is long-term parking available on campus?

Is there a quality assurance process for the programs?

Once I submit my wet lab request, is my date secured? / Once I submit my wet lab request, how long before the date is confirmed?

What are the acceptable methods of payment for lab services?

What happens after I submit my request?

What are the hours of operation?

What equipment is available for my simulation?

What types of specimen can be used in the wet lab?

When should I expect a quote/invoice for my event?

Where are you located? / How do I get to the lab?

Who leads the training programs?

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the program?